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Slider Shorts


One of the most forgotten yet vital areas of the body to protect is your pelvic region. Not only for the obvious reasons (haha) but for the functional ones as well.

Hip and tailbone padding protect vital joints from very painful injury. The amount of padding you need in this area will probably be dictated by the clothing you choose to wear over these slider shorts. Recently paintball pant manufacturers have been including some padding on the hip and tailbone area so check out your pants when considering which slider short is the right choice for you.

Another factor is the moisture wicking ability of these shorts, every slider short we offer is made of high grade sports minded materials designed to keep you cool and dry. They also have a strong elastic waste to keep them from sagging like conventional base layers.

Finally the keystone of these garments is the freedom of movement. Paintball forces players into all sorts of strange positions, often times meaning your legs are twisted up positions not found in other sports. These paintball specific designed slider shorts assure you will have the range of movement needed to play to your top ability.