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Compressed Air Tanks

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What is the difference between compressed air tanks and brands?

            We carry a variety of brands such as Crossfire, Ninja, Guerrilla Air, and Pure Energy. Compressed Air tanks come in two pressure ratings: 3000psi and 4500psi. 3000psi tanks are much cheaper than 4500psi tanks and are made of aluminum. They are heavier and provide less shots per fill than 4500psi tanks. The 4500psi tanks are made of carbon fiber, are much lighter than aluminum tanks and provide more shots per fill. 4500psi tanks come in a variety of sizes from 45 cubic inches up to 110 cubic inches. The larger the tank, the more shots per fill. When considering brands, the tank regulator is many times the deciding factor. Guerrilla Air regulators are very small and provide a shorter tank length, great for small players. Ninja and PMI regulators are somewhat longer and are perfect for larger players and those that prefer a long marker setup. Ninja regulators are easily rebuildable and are able to be converted from high to low pressure. Most all markers operate on high pressure but for markers such as the Bob Long G6r this is a convenient feature to have.