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Guerrilla Air Tanks


Guerrilla Air burst onto the paintball market several years ago, and brought quality products with them. Thier focus has been on light weight and compact air tank and regulator systems.

Guerrilla Air's focus on quality shows in the durability of each of thier products, using high quality alluminum, brass, stainless steel and carbon fiber to assemble thier regulators. The importance of this quality cannot be overstated, when dealing with pressures as high as 4500 psi you want to be sure that tank tucked under your arm or strapped to your back has been built with quality and workman ship.

Guerrilla Air doesnt stop with just making top quality paintball tanks. They have a strong player focus and make a large variety of tanks to fit many uses and budgets. You will see thier tanks are classified by some of the following labels:

1) A number like 68 or 45 followed by the two letters "ci" 

-This indicates the cubic inch capacity of the tank. As this number increases so does the physical size of the tank, as well as the number of shots you can take before the tank is empty.

2) A large number like 3000 or 4500 followed by the three letters "PSI"

-This indicates the pressure at which compressed air can be stored in the bottle. Generally higher pressure indicates more air is pushed into the space.


68ci/3000psi tank has less capacity then a 68ci/4500psi tank - the air occupying the 68ci of space is under greater pressure in the 4500psi tank, therefore there is greater trapped energy to expand and more shots to be fired.

Second you will see build materials

1)Alluminum - Light weight and durable - used in 3000 psi applications

2)Carbon fiber - The shell of the tank is wrapped carbon fiber, with an internal substrate that is usually alluminum or a high pressure polymer.


If you have questions about which tank is right for you - Give us a call, drop us an email or hit us up on Skype!